Forensic Optometry: Using Iris Identification to Find Missing Children

Since the ages, the men have worn rings for various purposes. In the ancient times men wore rings on the thumb to protect the fingers when shooting arrows. Rings id verification ring were also worn by physicians as identifiers. The men from the royal family wore rings as identification signet of their family. These rings were used as seals too. But in the present time rings are worn by one and all for reasons of style and fashion.

Now-a-days it is a tradition among teenagers to exchange promise rings. A lot of people would not know that there are men’s promise rings too. This concept was started as a way for pledging love for each other. Since men are too fascinated about rings, by giving the rings to men, the girl promises her beloved that they would have a lovable future together. One would think that these gold men promise rings are very expensive but this is not so. These rings are very simple and inexpensive. This is actually a simple gold band with the desired name engraved on it.

It is believed that the girls are not only promising but they are actually telling the men they love that how much they love him, in a way proposing to him. The guys are taken to be a bit rude and take too long of a time to get down on the knees, and it is a very common thing that girls buy the rings for men and gift it to them. In case if the couple is lucky and blessed, and they both love each other, they can get set of such rings and give to each other. These are even taken for engagements and for weddings too.

The gold men’s promise rings are available in various designs to suit each and every size of finger. Usually the guys have thick fingers, for them there are chunky square rings with fashionable look. If you want and can afford to invest more, then such rings are also available with diamond or onyx or sapphire star or a simple stone in the center.

Along with the gold rings there are other rings for men that are available in blend of metals like gold and titanium or gold and platinum or white gold and tungsten etc. You can also get rings with textured surface or traditional buff finish.

Because of this trend, the jewelers are also motivated to introduce new designs to attract their male customers and also they are earning quite well through sales of these rings. So go get your men a beautiful ring and express your feelings to him, as you know well that they are too fascinated about it.

Just as the fashion is said to be regularly followed by the ladies, it is now followed by men too. Therefore, to keep the sales on a rise and also in continuity the jewelers are in need to keep up with the latest trends in fashion for men too. With the time changing rapidly more and more men are getting attracted to rings and other jewelry items, so in order to keep up with pace jewelers need to be on their heels.