How-To Pursue a Career in Information Technology?

So, you’re looking to write the perfect your Information Technology Resume? Well, good luck! The bottom line is, there is no such thing as a perfect Resume no matter what industry you’re in. So try not to beat yourself up too hard if you’ve been getting nowhere in your job search. You can however avoid Certified Ethical Hacker some serious pitfalls in putting that little piece of paper together. This article should steer you clear from some very common mistakes when putting together an Information Technology Resume.

First things first. Don’t lie! That’s right, I’m talking to you, liar! 🙂 Just  a little joke. But really it’s not so far fetched to say that people use a ton of VERY far fetched embellishments on their Resume. Don’t do that. You’re too good for it. Why are you too good for it? Because you know that by putting a lot of BS on your Resume it’s a sure fire way to set yourself up for interview failure. ESPECIALLY in the IT field. Come on, I mean how much can you really BS about the inner workings of Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Configurations, TCP/IP subnetting, Router VLAN models and the like. You get the drift. This is a technical field. It’s precise. If you start listing a bunch of jargon that you can’t even explain in a conversation, you’ll just wind up looking silly. Stick with the technical foundation that you have and show you are eager to learn as much as possible. Ambition is a respected quality in IT because it takes an ambitious employee to master the field.

Next up is list any certifications you may have. Everything counts when it comes to being certified. That’s not to say you should go into your interview wearing an MCSE ribbon on your chest. No one likes a cocky certified tech with little experience. Treat certifications for what they are. They show that you are very studious in your field and you take your job seriously. List them on your resume but when it comes interview time, just mention them in passing.

Don’t forget to format your resume appropriately. List your Objective at the top, followed by a section of your Education. The Section following your Education should list your work experience. List all experience in concise bullet points that show examples of your team work ability, technical ability and self reliance abilities. In the IT field, no one wants to be responsible for holding your hand. Make sure you can show your future employers that you can cut it on your own if someone is out sick.

Following your Experience section, you should list any and all relevant IT certifications. If you don’t have any, I would recommend you go out and get at least one. Don’t do it for the piece of paper you get from passing the cert test, do it because getting a technical certification is a great way to discipline your learning capabilities in the IT field. It teaches you to teach yourself in a highly competitive technical industry. This trait will serve you tenfold down the road no matter how many interviews you go on or positions you move into.